Disney A to Z

Engels | 26 september 2023 | isbn 9781368061919 | 1024 pagina’s

Dave Smith, Steven Vagnini

If you’re curious about The Walt Disney Company, this comprehensive, newly revised and updated encyclopedia is your one-stop guide!

Filled with significant achievements, short biographies, historic dates, and tons of trivia-worthy tidbits and anecdotes, this newly updated collection covers all things Disney—from A to Z—through more than nine thousand entries and two hundred images across more than a thousand pages.

The sixth edition includes all the major Disney theme park attractions, restaurants, and shows; summaries of ABC and Disney television shows and Disney+ series; rundowns on all major films and characters; the latest and greatest from Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm; key actors, songs, and animators from Disney films and shows; and so much more!

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The Official Walt Disney Quote Book

Engels | 7 maart 2023 | isbn | pagina’s

Staff of the Walt Disney Archives, Walter E. Disney

The Walt Disney Company honors its 100th anniversary in 2023. As part of the festivities, this must-have quote book showcases insights from Walt Disney, along with rare Disney photographs.

Walt Disney once said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island and at the bottom of the Spanish Main. . . .” Never has this been truer than within these pages.

This collection of quotations from the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company ranges from the well-known to the obscure, but all are assured to entertain, enlighten, and inspire. His words have been gleaned from publications, productions, and interviews over the breadth of his amazing career. Some are simple nuggets of homespun wisdom, while others are statements of knowledge gained while he crafted the enchanting films, televisions shows, and unparalleled experiences that are so beloved by audiences the world over.

The Official Walt Disney Quote Book has been compiled for anyone eager to learn more about a man who had such an incredible, positive impact on his own time and on the future yet to be—Walt Disney, the Showman of the World.

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The Story of Disney: 100 Years of Wonder

Engels | 7 maart 2023 | isbn: 9781368061940 | 304 pagina’s

Bruce C. Steele, John Baxter, Staff of the Walt Disney Archives

The Walt Disney Company honors its 100th anniversary in 2023. As part of the festivities, this must-have coffee table book showcases the company’s history and rich legacy—past, present, and future—through vibrant voices and rare Disney concept art and photographs.

On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded what we now know to be The Walt Disney Company. Walt’s passion and vision continues to inspire creative development across the company. As a result, Disney characters—and their stories—have touched the lives of generations of fans. They encourage a belief that dreams really can come true.

As the official companion to the touring exhibition by Walt Disney Archives and SC Exhibitions, this gorgeous coffee table book serves as a treasure trove for pop culture enthusiasts, artists, art collectors, and Disney fans.

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The Imagineering Story: The Official Biography of Walt Disney Imagineering

Engels | 8 november 2022 | ISBN 978-1368049368 | 752 pagina’s

Leslie Iwerks

The highly acclaimed and rated Disney+ documentary series, The Imagineering Story, becomes a book that greatly expands the award-winning filmmaker Leslie Iwerks’ narrative of the fascinating history of Walt Disney Imagineering.

The entire legacy of WDI is covered from day one through future projects with never-before-seen access and insights from people both on the inside and on the outside. So many stories and details were left on the cutting room floor―this book allows an expanded exploration of the magic of Imagineering.

So many insider stories are featured.

° Sculptor Blaine Gibson’s wife used to kick him under the table at restaurants for staring at interesting-looking people seated nearby, and he’d even find himself studying faces during Sunday morning worship. “You mean some of these characters might have features that are based on people you went to church with?” Marty Sklar once asked Gibson of the Imagineer’s sculpts for Pirates of the Caribbean. “He finally admitted to me that that was true.”

° In the early days, Walt Disney Imagineering “was in one little building and everybody parked in the back and you came in through the model shop, and you could see everything that was going on,” recalled Marty Sklar. “When we started on the World’s Fair in 1960 and 1961, we had 100 people here. And so everybody knew everything about what was happening and the status of [each] project, so you really felt like you were part of the whole team whether you were working on that project or not. And, you know, there was so much talent here.”

Leslie Iwerks is an Academy Award and Emmy nominated director and producer. For over a decade, she has produced, directed, and edited award-winning feature and short documentaries, television specials, tributes, corporate films, and digital content. Her clients have included Disney, Pixar, Hearst, Starz, Bravo, GE, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, among others.Her body of work encompasses enterprise feature films (The Pixar Story, Citizen Hearst, ILM: Creating the Impossible, The Imagineering Story, The Hand Behind the Mouse) to her acclaimed environmental and social issue documentaries (Recycled Life, Pipe Dreams, and Downstream).Her desire to innovate and push boundaries in documentaries, film, animation and new technologies has been cultivated and inspired by her family upbringing. Her grandfather, Ub Iwerks, was the original designer and co-creator of Mickey Mouse and multi Academy Award-winning visual effects pioneer. Her father, Don Iwerks, also an Academy Award winner for Technical Lifetime Achievement, was founder of the large format film company, Iwerks Entertainment, building systems in over 200 theaters around the world.As a young girl, Leslie would accompany her dad to the Disneyland parks, getting a rare behind-the-scenes look at everything from attraction design and animatronics, to the filming of Michael Jackson and Francis Ford Coppola’s Captain EO. On weekends, Leslie would tag along with her dad to the Studio Machine Shop and escape into the imaginative backlot movie sets, a period of time that solidified her passion for the behind-the-scenes aspects of moviemaking.Leslie is an adventure and travel enthusiast, and has filmed on all seven continents around the world.


The Wimbledon Miscellany

The Wimbledon Miscellany – Des Lynam, Spencer Vignes

We all know that the UK goes crazy during Wimbledon fortnight. In fact, so much seems to be packed into those two weeks that Spencer Vignes collected the most interesting aspects of the tournament into a fun, accessible book. The Wimbledon Miscellany is essential reading for all tennis enthusiasts. Full of wacky facts, curious history, famous games, charismatic personalities, and bizarre lists, those with a passion for tennis are sure to find it engrossing reading. With a heritage of more than 130 years, there are plenty of untold Wimbledon stories to be revealed, as well as unusual statistics, humorous quotes and all the goings-on from Centre Court and beyond. This is the perfect companion for all tennis spectators during those interminable rain delays!

Historische stadsatlas NL

De Historische Stadsatlas NL vertelt het verhaal van de duizendjarige ontwikkeling van de Nederlandse steden. Al sinds het einde van de middeleeuwen is onze delta van Rijn, Maas en Schelde een van de meest verstedelijkte gebieden van Europa. Bij zo ongeveer elke riviermond, strandwal of natuurlijke binnenzeehaven zijn mensen dicht bij elkaar gaan wonen, waarmee de kiem voor ons huidige stedenlandschap is gelegd.

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De geschiedenis van Nederland in 100 oude kaarten

Dit boek vertelt de geschiedenis van Nederland aan de hand van honderd bijzondere historische kaarten. Van het oudste bekende Nederlandse kaartje uit 1307 over de bouw van een kerk in de Aardenburgse moer tot een van de eerste fietskaarten uit 1896 en een kaart van de stormvloed in 1953. De kaarten laten zien wat er in de loop der eeuwen is veranderd, maar tegelijk wat ongewijzigd is gebleven. Daardoor krijgt dit verhaal een heel bijzondere actualiteit: wij maken deel uit van die geschiedenis, elke dag.

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